ULL+ZRT Aluminum Or Aluminum Alloy Continuous Casting And Rolling Line

This production line applies the aluminum or aluminum alloy to produce Φ7.6mm, Φ9.5mm, or Φ12mm aluminum rod, through the continuous casting and rolling processes.

Advantages of the Continuous Casting and Rolling Line
1. The casting machine is of four wheel type structure, minimizing the distortion and crack of the cast ingot.
2. Flow of the chamber machine is automatically controlled.
3. There are four cooling areas. Each area has 3 sections. In total, we have 12 valves to control the flow. All of them can be individually controlled on the ground.
4. Two tensioning wheels are separately installed on the upper part and lower part. Being pneumatically controlled, the wheels have no such problem as aluminum leakage. They are easy, convenient to operate.
5. Our casting equipment applies the horizontal casting form. That is why the casting is stable and reliable.
6. Diameter of the crystallization wheel diameter is Φ2200mmmm, and the cross section of the casting ingot is 3807. Linear velocity of the rolling mill is 12m/s. Moreover, the output is about 10t/h.
7. By using the 2+2+12 rolling form, the four two-rollers can better roll the cast ingot of large cross section, reducing the generation of contraction cavities.
8. The aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling line applies the plum blossom form coiling. The coiling is tight. No twining appears.

1. Four-wheel type continuous casting machine is utilized.
2. Crystallization wheel diameter and cross area are increased.
3. The flow is automatically controlled.
4. The coiling trolley motor is on the right side of the chassis. It is convenient for connection and maintenance.

Technological Process
Aluminum and Alloy Ingot → Vertical Furnace → Kettle Furnace → Launder →Pouring Ladle → Four-wheel Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine → Front Traction Apparatus →Automatic Shear + Hydraulic Shear → Straightener → Induction Furnace → Feeding Device → Two-roll, Three-roll Continuous Rolling Mill → Aluminum Rod Quench System → Back Traction Apparatus → Rod Coiler →Rod Coil Vehicle

Sales Performance
This aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling line has been applied by the clients separately from Hongkong,Jiangsu Province, Fujian province, etc. Certainly, it is well accepted by the overseas users. The aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling equipment has been exported to America, India,Turkey, Thailand, and more.

Diameter of Aluminum Alloy Bar Φ9.5mm
Diameter of Crystallization Wheel Φ1650mm
Cross Area of Crystallization Wheel Groove 2370mm2
Rolling Form 15 rolling stands; Y three-roll type
Nominal Size of Roller Φ255mm
Initial Rolling Speed 0.1857m/s (~ 0.27m/s)
Maxi. Finished Rolling Speed (When rolling the φ9.5mm bar) 6.025m/s (~ 8.7m/s)
Max. Production Capacity About 4.2t/h
Aluminum Coil Size (O.D.×I.D.×H) Φ2.2×Φ1.5×1.3(m)
Weight of Coiled Aluminum Bar 1~2t
Centre Height of Rolling Mill 1000mm
Total Installed Capacity 715KW (Excluding electrical insulation: 270KWX2)
Overall Dimensions
(L*W*H) (Exclude furnaces as well as oil and water circulation systems)

Remark: In the case of enough driving torque of DC motor, you can make use of the field-weakening speed control system according to the rolling resistance of differently formulated aluminum alloy bar. And the maximum production capacity will be up to 6t/h.

Main Parts
Four Wheel Type Continuous Casting and Rolling Machine (Including pouring ladle) 1 Set
Front Cross Wire Feeder 1 Set
Hydraulic Shear (Automatic Shear is optional as well) 1 Set
Straightener 1 Set
Induction Furnace 1 Set
Rolling Mill (Including feeding device) 1 Set
Quench System 1 Set
Rod Coiler (Including back traction apparatus) 1 Set
Electronic Control System 1 Set
Casting Equipment Rolling Machine
Casting wheel dia. (mm) Type of roll stand Quantity of roll stand Roller dia.(mm) Finished rod dia.(mm) Max. production capacity (t/h)
1800 2-roller+3-roller 2+12 255 9.5 4-5
2200 2-roller+3-roller 2+2+12 270, 255 9.5 8-10