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    1. JLK Rigid Strander

      It can synchronously strand several cable cores.
      The wire coil is entirely conveyed up and down.
      Our cable making machine is suitable for the production of split conductors.

    1. Planetary Strander A synchronous belt back-twist structure is developed, for which the whole wire stranding equipment is greatly decreased in noise generation. In addition, the cable won’t be contaminated by the gear grease.
    1. JGG Tubular Strander

      A bobbin loader that is pneumatically loosened but automatically clamped is used to this cable manufacturing machinery. It is easier and more convenient to load or unload the bobbin.

    1. Skip StranderThis skip stranding equipment has been exported to the countries including Russia, Algeria, Mexico, Korea, Peru, Slovakia, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Zambia
    1. JSH BuncherOur wire stranding machinery applies the advanced control system. The working process is controlled by the transducer and PLC program. There are indicating lights for the monitoring of each door, internal & external wire break, main shaft oil level, etc.
    1. Rigid Frame Wire Strander

      The rigid frame wire strander is particularly developed for stranding soft aluminum wire, semi-hard aluminum wire, all aluminum conductor, aluminum alloy conductor, and aluminum conductor steel reinforced. Apart from that, the wire stranding machine is an ideal choice for other expanded conductor of S, Z and T series.

    1. Concentric Strander

      Smartly designed, the concentric strander is generally employed for compacting round or sector-shaped copper or aluminium conductor. It is also an ideal tool for the production of overhead conductor. Furthermore, the conductor stranding machine can be used for shield cable and armour cable.

    1. CYL Vertical Type Laying Up And Steel Wire Armoring Machine

      The vertical cable stranding part of this machine has the bobbin loader with a rotary table. It can release the wire without back-twisting, so as to make umbilical cables.

    1. CPD Drum Twister with Caterpillar

      The traversing pitch can be set, modified, and displayed via the touch screen. Through the touch screen, you can set the left or right traversing. Inching and fast movement can be adjusted as well.

    1. CLY High Speed Cable Making Machine

      CLY cable making machine is used for the production of medium low voltage cables, communication cables, control cables, mining cables and many other cables. It is a perfect alternative to traditional type of 1250/1000/1600/ (1+1+3) cable making machine.

    1. CGB Skip Strander The skip stranding cable making machine is used for stranding and cabling control cables or mining cables.
    1. Aluminum Cladding Extrusion Machine

      The aluminum cladding extrusion machine is mainly used to extrude the Φ9.5mm or Φ12.0mm aluminum rod into the aluminum tube of below Φ170mm, and then clad the cables.

    1. YLLL/ YLLT Aluminum and Copper Extrusion MachineThis extruding machine makes smooth copper or aluminum product free from cracks or sharp edges. The finished product comes with excellent mechanical property and stable geometric stability.
    1. KRH Interlock Strip Armoring Machine

      Cables armored by this equipment hold the advantages including high flexibility, stable connection, and good resistance to creep. Those cables can greatly improve the system safety in some particular ...

    1. KJY Cradle Type Steel Wire Armoring Machine

      The wire stranding equipment is minimized in noise generation, because of a synchronous belt back-twist structure. Additionally, the cable is free from the gear grease contamination.

    1. Power Cable Steel Wire Armoring MachineSizes of steel wire bobbin in the armoring machine are 400mm, 500mm, and 630mm. The armoring wires can reach 72, 96, till 120 wires.
    1. KRB Steel Tape Armoring MachineWith the front and back supporting, armoring head of cable armoring machinery has the rotation speed of 300 to 450rpm. This equipment can be equipped with the armoring head of different specifications.
    1. Flat Steel Wire Armoring MachineThe traction device is divided into 6 parts, all of which are belt driven for preventing the armoring surface from being scratched. Also, the soft tube deformation can be avoided.
    1. Three-layer Cross-linked Cable Extrusion LineThe extrusion machine requires low investment but offers high efficiency. It is the optimal extruding machinery for high-voltage cable producing.
    1. Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine Designed on the basis of the European technology, the extruder enjoys the advantages including compact appearance, high extrusion amount, good plasticizing effect, fast extruding speed, and so forth.
    1. PJP Copper Wire Screening Machine It has a mechanical tension feedback device. The device guarantees the constant tension.
      Its cage has multiple wire-break protections.
      A 800rpm non-metal taping unit is added.
    1. PRT Concentric Type Copper Tape Screening Machine This cable screening machine is mainly used for the copper tape screening of the insulated layer of power cable.
    1. S-Z Copper Wire Screening MachineS-Z screening head can slide forward or backward, and can be matched with specially designed half-tangency taping unit for taping positive and negative screened wire immediately and avoiding loosen wire.
    1. Drum Type Wire Respooler

      The FLP drum type wire respooler is widely used for rewinding electric wire, steel wire, and other materials.

    1. Steel and Copper Strip Rewinding Line

      As the name implies, the steel and copper strip rewinding line is composed of FPG steel strip rewinding machine and FPT copper strip rewinding machine. The metal strip rewinding equipment is widely seen in many industries for steel or copper strip rewinding.

  • Cable Turntable

    The ZP series cable turntable is mainly used for paying off and taking up cables.

  • Auxiliary Equipments

    1.Pay-off and Take-up Stand
    2.Wrapping Machine
    3.Capstan and Caterpillar
    4.Complete Electrical Equipment

Cable Machinery

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