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PJP Copper Wire Screening Machine

The disc type copper wire screening machine is applied to screen the cables with copper wire and copper tape.

1. Pay-off bobbin size: Φ200-Φ400; No. of bobbin: 60-120
2. The screening machine has front and back supports. Its main axle is a one-piece shaft.
3. This cable screening machinery applies thick steel plate made winch which has less welding.
4. The end of the coil shaft is equipped with a mechanical lock, allowing for convenient operation.

1. The disc type copper wire screening machine applies three bearings for supporting, which has speeded up the rotation speed by one time. It is without under rollers.
2. It has a mechanical tension feedback device. The device guarantees the constant tension.
3. Its cage has multiple wire-break protections.
4. A 800rpm non-metal taping unit is added.

Bobbin Size (mm) No. of Bobbin Max. Rotation Speed of Copper Wire Stranding Body (rpm) Copper Tape Pad Diameter (mm) Tape Width (mm) Max. Rotation Speed of Screening Head (rpm)
Ø315 72 60 Ø600 20~60 606
Ø315 80 50 Ø600 20~60 606
Ø400 72 50 Ø600 20~60 606
Ø400 80 40 Ø600 20~60 606

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