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KJY Cradle Type Steel Wire Armoring Machine

The planetary steel wire armoring machine is used for producing aluminum copper stranded wire, aluminum cable steel reinforced, insulated core wire, or optical power ground wire.

1. The planetary steel wire armoring machine has the back-twist switch function. The user can choose the back-twist or not according to the use requirements.
2. It can synchronously make several wires.

1. This wire making machinery can make wire coils of different specifications, for instance, 500/36+48, 560/40+56, 630/60+70, and so on.
2. The guide roller type single wire pre-twisting can eliminate the steel wire stress for better steel wire stranding.

1. The wire stranding equipment is minimized in noise generation, because of a synchronous belt back-twist structure. Additionally, the cable is free from the gear grease contamination.
2. It applies the advanced key groove to enhance the capstan installation. The key groove guarantees the concentricity of holes.
3. Holes that can inspect the center height of the capstans have been increased, offering convenience for clients to freely check and adjust the riding wheels, so as to avoid the axle fatigue fracture.
4. The optimized clamping mechanism of the bobbin loader has decreased the use of a large amount of screws. Therefore, other parts will be not damaged by the loosen screws.

Sales Performance
The planetary steel wire armoring machine is well accepted both home and aboard. We have sold out 30 sets. The following is the export volume:
Australia: 1 set
Russia: 6 sets
Nigeria: 1 set
Tajikistan: 1 set
Italy: 1 set
Indonesia: 1 set
England: 3 sets

Bobbin size (mm) Max. rotation speed (rpm) Wire dia. (mm)
12B 18B 24B 36B 48B 60B 70B 80B
400 112 98 86 56 - - - - 1.4-4.0
500 93 82 71 45 36 - - - 1.8-5.0
630 - - 57 40 30 15 15 15 2.0-6.0

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