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YLLL/ YLLT Aluminum and Copper Extrusion Machine

This extrusion machine is used for making flat copper, aluminum, or alloyed wires, copper or aluminum bars, special-shaped aluminum tube, aluminum-coated steel, or other products.

Product Features
1. Unique Technology
The raw materials is fed into a groove wheel, and then gets into the die cavity under the function of friction force. The groove wheel rubs and shears the extrusion materials to generate enough temperature and pressure, so that the metal can be extruded out from the die. The extruder works continuously to produce the product with required length.
2. Excellent Finished Product Quality
This extruding machine makes smooth copper or aluminum product free from cracks or sharp edges. The finished product comes with excellent mechanical property and stable geometric stability.
3. Low Production Cost
This easily operated copper/aluminum extrusion machine can be used to make products of different specifications. Its mold can be instantly replaced. Only 2 to 4 operators are required.

The highly efficient extrusion machine is featured by simple structure, low investment, low energy consumption, convenient operation, and many more.

Sales Performance
This equipment sells well in the domestic market. It has been exported to India, Indonesia, and other areas.

Aluminum Extruder
Type Diameter of Groove Wheel(mm) Max. Width of Finished Product(mm) Section of Finished Product (mm) Tube Diameter (mm) Tube Thickness (mm) Output Capacity (kg/h) Rod Size (mm)
300 300 40 10~240 Ø5~Ø32 0.5~5 180 Ø9.5,Ø12.5
350 350 80 15~800 Ø6~Ø50 0.5~5 250~500 Ø9.5,Ø12.5
400 400 180 15~2400 Ø20~Ø80 1.4~5 250~800 Ø12.5,Ø15.0
550 550 250 15~2800 Ø50~Ø170 1.4~5 250~1000 Ø12.5,Ø15.0
Copper Extruder
Type Diameter of Groove Wheel (mm) Max. Rotary Speed of Groove Wheel (mm) Max. Width of Finished Product (mm) Section of Finished Product (mm) Output Capacity (kg/h) Rod Size (mm)
300 300 12 45 10~240 400 Ø12.5
350 350 12 85 20~850 400~800 Ø16(Ø17)
400 400 10 170 100~2400 400~1250 Ø17,Ø20
550 550 7 220 100~2800 800~2000 Ø20,Ø25


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