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CPD Drum Twister with Caterpillar

The drum twister is used for cabling power cables of medium&low voltage or high voltage and milliken conductor of high voltage or extra high voltage. In addition, it is suitable for armoring steel-wire and steel-tape or screening copper wire.

1. Available with the take-up drum size of 2000mm to 4200mm, the drum twister satisfies the requirements of making cables of different diameter and length.
2. It applies the programmable controller and touch screen to control the operating status.
3. Except the take up motor which is a DC motor controlled by SSD Parker 514C series DC adjustable-speed device, all the motors are AC variable frequency motors that are controlled by the transducers. Those motors feature stable performance with low failure rate and convenient maintenance.
4. The traversing pitch can be set, modified, and displayed via the touch screen. Through the touch screen, you can set the left or right traversing. Inching and fast movement can be adjusted as well.
5. This cabling machine applies the pay-off rack driven by a separate motor which can be easily, conveniently installed, operated, and maintained. This pay-off rack can synchronically rotate with the take-up stand. Also, it can rotate individually.

Competitive Advantages
1. This drum twister adds the centralized pay-off rack to shorten the total length of the production line and reduce the factory investment for the clients.
2. Excellent production technology ensures the high speed rotation of the twisting head.
3. The cable making machine is driven by a separate motor. It is of high automation.

1. The take up device of drum twister can be loaded with drums of different width, no need to adapt drum shaft. It comes with electric limit protection.
2. Its lead frame is added with a taper sleeve, which will not twist the cable.
3. An analog proximity switch feedback system is used to replace the phase correction.
4. This cable machinery has an additional 800rpm nonmetal taping device.
5. All the lifters are of fork type.

Sales Performance
We have sold out 349 sets of such twisting equipment. The first set was exported to Iran in 1996. The export volume is as following:

Algeria: 1set;
UAE: 1set;
Egypt: 4sets;
Australia: 1set;
Brazil: 1set;
Russia: 7sets;
the Philippines: 1set;
Fiji: 1 set;
South Korea: 2 sets;
Malaysia: 4 sets;
America: 1 set;
Burma: 1set;
Mexico: 1set;
Thailand: 1 set;
Turkey: 3 sets;
Uruguay: 1 set;
Spain: 1 set;
Iran: 3 sets;
India: 6 sets;
Indonesia: 1 set;
Vietnam: 7 sets
Take-up drum dia. Drum O.W.(mm) Loading capacity (t) Max. rotation speed(rpm)
2000 1500 8 60
2200 1700 10 60
2500 1900 12 40
3150 2300 15 35
3500 2300 25 25
3600 2300 25 25
4000 2400 30 20
4200 2400 30 20
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