1. Rigid Strander

      It can synchronously strand several cable cores.
      The wire coil is entirely conveyed up and down.
      Our cable making machine is suitable for the production of split conductors.

    1. Planetary Strander A synchronous belt back-twist structure is developed, for which the whole wire stranding equipment is greatly decreased in noise generation. In addition, the cable won’t be contaminated by the gear grease.
    1. Tubular Strander

      A bobbin loader that is pneumatically loosened but automatically clamped is used to this cable manufacturing machinery. It is easier and more convenient to load or unload the bobbin.

    1. Skip StranderThis skip stranding equipment has been exported to the countries including Russia, Algeria, Mexico, Korea, Peru, Slovakia, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Zambia
    1. BuncherOur wire stranding machinery applies the advanced control system. The working process is controlled by the transducer and PLC program. There are indicating lights for the monitoring of each door, internal & external wire break, main shaft oil level, etc.
    1. Rigid Frame Wire Strander

      The rigid frame wire strander is particularly developed for stranding soft aluminum wire, semi-hard aluminum wire, all aluminum conductor, aluminum alloy conductor, and aluminum conductor steel reinforced. Apart from that, the wire stranding machine is an ideal choice for other expanded conductor of S, Z and T series.

    1. Concentric Strander

      Smartly designed, the concentric strander is generally employed for compacting round or sector-shaped copper or aluminium conductor. It is also an ideal tool for the production of overhead conductor. Furthermore, the conductor stranding machine can be used for shield cable and armour cable.

Wire Stranding Machine

Whatever you're looking for in wire stranding machine, we will have the right strander for you to meet your varied conductor and cable production demands.

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