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Planetary Strander

The planetary strander is used for aluminum copper wires, aluminum conductor steel reinforced, insulated wires, as well as optical fiber composite overhead ground wires abbreviated as OPGW.

1. Back-twist and Non-back-twist can be switched.
2. The planetary stranding machine can be used for synchronous multiple-core stranding.

Product Advantages
1. Numerous Sizes
Bobbin of this cable making equipment can be made with diameter ranging 250mm to 800mm. 6 to 48 pieces of bobbins are set for each single cage. The bobbins are arranged in 3, 4, 5, or 6 equations.
2. Various Tension Modes
This planetary strander is available with a variety of tension modes, for instance, magnetic tension, mechanical tension, mechanical with feedback tension, pneumatic tension, etc.

1. A timing belt back-twist system is developed, for which the whole wire stranding equipment is greatly decreased in noise generation. In addition, the cable won’t be contaminated by the gear grease.
2. The advanced key groove machining tools are used for discs installation. They can guarantee that bobbin loader holes on two ends are concentric after assembly.
3. We have increased the holes for measuring center height on disc. With those holes, the client can conveniently check the riding wheels at any time, and adjust the wheels for avoiding the axle fatigue fracture.
4. Cradle clamping device is optimized, which avoids using massive screws and guarantees no screw falling during running.

Sales Performance
The first planetary strander was purchased by Tianjin Cable Factory. In total, we have sold out 80 sets of planetary stranding equipment.

Overseas Market
Columbia: 1set
Korea: 2 sets
India: 2 sets
Vietnam: 1 set
England: 3 sets

Bobbin size (mm) Max. rotation speed (rpm) Wire dia.(mm)
Solid conductor Stranded conductor Al-clad steel wire Optical fiber cell
6B 8B 12B 16B 18B 24B Aluminum Copper
400 126 - 112 - 98 86 1.8-5.0 1.2-5.0 1.2-5.0 - -
500 105 - 93 - 82 71 1.8-5.0 1.2-5.0 1.2-5.0 - -
630 85 80 74 70 65 57 1.8-5.0 1.2-5.0 1.2-5.0 1.2-4.5 1.5-5.0

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