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JLK Rigid Strander

The rigid strander is generally employed for stranding aluminum wire and copper wire. Apart from that, it can be used for making round or sector-shaped compact conductor, as well as wire coils of Milliken conductor.

1. The frame of this rigid stranding machine is integrally welded and bored.
2. It can synchronously strand multiple cable cores.
3. The bobbins are loaded and unloaded in batch.
4. Our cable making machine is suitable for the production of Milliken conductors.

1. High Speed

The rigid strander applies 630/6B cage, maximum rotation speed of which reaches 350rpm.
2. Multiple Sizes
Its bobbin diameter ranges from 400mm to 800mm. Bobbin amount of each single cage is from 6 to 48. The bobbins are arranged in 3, 4, 5, or 6 equations.
3. Multiple Tension Modes
A variety of tension modes are available. There are magnetic tension, mechanical tension, mechanical with feedback tension, pneumatic tension, etc.
4. Different Batch Loading Methods for Bobbins
Several kinds of batch loading can be selected, e.g. hydraulic or electric side-bottom loading device, side loading device, etc.
5. Diversified Clamping Mechanism
Manual clamping, pneumatic clamping, electric clamping, and other clamping devices are optional.

1. Frame holes of the machine unit are specially designed to ensure the concentricity. This design prevents the tension from being affected.
2. The rigid stranding equipment is optimized in the clamping mechanism. The stable pneumatic tension is thereby enhanced, and the bearing clamping is more reliable.
3. The transmission gear is machined with grinding technology. It produces little noise.
4. To make sure the machining precision and convenient adjustment of synchronous belt, we have optimized the installation structure of the synchronous belt transmission.
5. New type of hydraulic side-bottom loading device is developed.
6. The rigid strander is added with a new electric clamping mechanism.

Sales Performance
In 1996, the first rigid stranding machine was sold to Hebei Province, China. Many sets of such equipment have been exported to many foreign courtiers.

Abu Dhabi: 1pc
Algeria: 3pcs
Egypt: 6pcs
Russia: 1pc
Korea: 8pcs
Malaysia: 6pcs
Bangladesh: 1pc
Mexico: 4pcs
Nepal: 1pc
Sudan: 1pc
Tajikistan: 1pc
Thailand: 1pc
Turkey: 3pcs
Uruguay: 1pc
Iran: 9pcs
India: 15pcs
Indonesia: 6pcs
Bobbin size (mm) Max. rotation speed (rpm) Wire dia.(mm)
6B 12B 18B 24B 30B 36B Aluminum Copper
500 273 225 198 173 151 120 1.8-5.0 -
242 199 175 153 133 96 - 1.2-5.0
630 Normal speed 215 189 166 146 130 103 1.8~5.0 -
190 167 147 129 115 82 - 1.2-5.0
High speed 325 290 250 215 185 135 1.8-5.0 -
220 195 170 145 128 108 - 1.2-5.0

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