1. Non-Sliding Copper Rod Break Down Machine

      Both programmable controller and touch screen are utilized to coordinate the working status of all the equipment parts. The parameters can be set, modified, and displayed via the touch screen.

    1. Non-Sliding Aluminum Rod Break Down MachineWorking status of all the equipment parts is controlled via the programmable controller and touch screen. With the screen, you can set and modify the relevant parameters for processing.
    1. Sliding Type Copper Rod Breakdown MachineThose constant-speed wheels and wire-drawing wheels are driven by different motors. But their speed can be synchronously adjusted. Consequently, the instant die replacement can be achieved.
    1. Copper Wire Drawing MachineThe machine unit is gear driven. A triangle belt is used to drive the coiling.
      It stops working when it has drawn the wire of required length. Also, it brakes automatically when the wire is broken.

Wire Drawing Machine

Ⅰ. Main Structural Features of Non-sliding Wire Drawing Machine
1. The drum wheels of the wire drawer are well arranged. A motor drives the wire drawing axle via a pair of synchronous pulleys. Both ends of the wire drawing axle are supported by the bearings that have short cantilevers but strong rigidity.
2. Between the drum wheels, the drawing tension feed-back systems are set for non-sliding wire drawing. These systems effectively overcome the sliding friction, thereby extending the service life of both drum wheel rim and wire drawing die. The service cycle of wire drawing oil is improved as well.
3. Each wire drawing drum is individually driven by an AC variable frequency motor through a synchronous belt. Zero sliding between the drum and wire helps save at least 20% electricity.
4. This wire drawing machine is also ideal for special shape wire.
5. Elongation coefficient of each wire drawing die can be freely set and steplessly adjusted. Therefore, the die is quick, convenient to change.
6. The drawing tension feed-back system is conveniently, quickly to be adjusted. Just after one time adjustment, no apparent tension change can be found in a few weeks. The tension oil pump doesn’t have to work continuously, thus saving energy. The operation is convenient as well.
7. The axial bearing of every wire drawing drum independently uses a small oil case for lubricating. The axle case is completely separately from the wire drawing oil tank, which puts an end to the mixing problem of lubricating oil and wire drawing oil
8. The wire drawing oil case has inside and outside door covers. It applies a beautiful and practical rolling door which can be electrically opened.
9. The synchronous belt transmission generates low noise. Besides that, the belt is convenient to install and maintain.
10. Wire drawing rim of the wire drawing machinery is made of 45 steel. Its surface has been sprayed with ≥0.40mm thick tungsten carbide. The rim features smooth surface, abrasion resistance, and long service life. Additionally, the rim applies the biconical structure, so its both sides can be used. Its service life was further extended.
11. Good lubrication cooling effect is ensured. The wire drawing die applies the spay lubrication cooling, while the wire drawing wheel utilizes the half-submerged lubrication cooling.
12. The wire drawing case lubrication is equipped with filtering system, cooling system, and automatic low pressure alarm system. The pipeline arrangement is rational and beautiful.
13. All the bearing holes are one-time processed by a large boring mill.

Ⅱ. Main Advantages of Non-sliding Wire Drawing Machine
1. Different Materials Drawing
The non-sliding wire drawing equipment is suitable for different wire rod. During the wire drawing process, no wire twisting appears. The machine can be used for drawing special shape wire.
2. Flexible Die Matching for Wire Drawing
When drawing the same material wire, the wire drawing machinery may not be influenced by the fixed transmission ratio. The template matching can be carried out according to the actual requirements. In addition, the die will be abraded for having been used for a while. Using the sliding type wire drawing machinery can help reduce the die abrasion due to the PID adjustment of the tension control mechanism. Except for the sizing die, the dies can be normally used as long as their abrasion loss is not beyond the draw ratio range.
3. Long Service Life of Wire Drawing Drum
Generally, the wire drawing drum of the sliding type wire drawing bench has one year service life also. However, the one of the non-sliding wire drawing machinery comes with at least 3 years’ service life. (Till now, the drawing drum of the first set of non-sliding wire drawing machine has no abrasion.)
4. Long Replacement Period of Wire Drawing Liquid (Oil for aluminum or aluminum alloy wire drawing)
The sliding wire drawing equipment driven by the general type gear applies the wire drawing liquid that can be used for six months to one year. But the liquid of the large non-sliding wire drawing machine hasn’t been changed even after having been used for 2 to 3 years. Just some liquid is added.
5. Low Energy Consumption
For satisfying the needs of starting, the non-sliding wire drawer comes with larger total power. When operating, it has small rotational inertia and works speedily. The speed reaches 16m/s when drawing the 4.0 aluminum wires. Moreover, the wheel drum is free from sliding. As a result, it saves at least 20% electricity as compared to the gear driven wire drawing equipment.
6. Low Noise Generation
The non-sliding wire drawing machinery generates lower noise than the sliding wire drawing equipment.

Ⅲ. Main Advantages of Electrical Control System
1. The motor drive unit of the wire drawing machine adopts the advanced Danfoss vector control frequency converter. This converter not only can accurately control the drawing process, but also can real-time track the drawing tension thus to realize the non-sliding drawing.
2. Integrated with the Siemens S7-300 series PLC and MP277 human-computer interface, the control system is used to coordinate the operation of all the parts. The PLC program contributes to the accurate, reliable control of the whole system.
3. Between the central controller and each driving device, a Profibus protocol communication of general international standards is used, with an attempt to realize the seamless transmission of a large mount of real time data, for instance, control instruction, running status, etc.
4. The human-computer interface makes the operation more convenient. During the initial stage of debugging, the debugging personnel will rationally set the parameters, so that the operators can correctly input all kinds of technological parameters. Once the technological parameters are confirmed, the PLC program will immediately calculate all kinds of operating parameters for maintaining the safety of both products and equipment. The equipment faults will be displayed on the interface as far as possible.

Ⅳ. Power Consumption Comparison between Non-sliding and Sliding Wire Drawer
Wire Diameter: 3.22/4.2/4.53
Name No-sliding Wire Drawer High Drawing 1 High Drawing 2 High Drawing 3
Wire Diameter(∮) 3.2 4.2 4.5 3.2 4.2 4.5 3.2 4.2 4.5 3.2 4.2 4.5
Total Electricity Consumption (Kw) 2520 19248 127056 62604 10188 105336 80616 5040 103872 49860   18960
Total Output (T) 33.6 313.9 2208.3 697.9 152.6 1692.9 804.4 68.6 1445.5 480   268
Average Power Consumption (Kw) 75.1 61.3 57.5 89.7 66.8 62.2 100.2 73.5 71.9 103.9   70.7
Energy Saving Percentage       19.5 8.9 8.1 33.5 19.8 24.9 38.4   22.9
Ⅴ. Production Capacity Comparison between Non-sliding and Sliding Wire Drawer
 Inlet Wire Diameter Output Wire Diameter(mm) Speed ( m/s) Output(t/H)
Electric Motor Driven Wire Drawer: 9.5(mm) 2.50 25 1.20
2.84 23 1.53
3.2 20 1.88
3.6 20 1.98
4.1 15 1.92
Gear Driven Wire Drawer: 9.5 (mm) 2.50 15 0.73
2.84 12 0.74
3.2 10 0.78
3.6 8 0.79
4.2 6 0.8